Journalists With Women Against Violence

Journalists With Women Against Violence is a series of 6 videos for journalists, journalism educators, students and editors working in our region generally & in #Morocco specially.

It’s based on the guide “Reporting on Violence Against Women: Not Your Ordinary Story Assignment” produced by Networks of Change and MRA Mobilising for Rights Associates.

An introduction to the series:

The 1st episode highlights the different types of violence women face in our region and how to report it using the rights-based approach.

In the 2nd episode of the, we discuss how to find ideas for your stories, the different types of stories we can produce on the violence against women and the common widely spread gender stereotypes and myths in our region.

This episode highlights the best practices in interviewing the survivals of violence against women, suggested questions to use in the interview. I also review the potentially harmful terms that we should replace in our coverage.

What is the role of editors in reporting violence against women? How can we work together as #journalists with the editorial board to achieve a gender-sensitive and human rights- based media coverage? Watch this video to know more..

The fifth and last episode from our serious highlights the importance for journalists to understand the processes by which public agencies respond to violence against women and the chain of services available to victims, as well as a good working knowledge of the laws that cover VAW.

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