Faith’s Rebirth (Syrians in Exile in the UK & the Revolution)

my final project for the MA.

Filmed, edited and directed by me and dedicated to the heroes that brought the faith back.

and this is the Acknowledgement:

To the Syrians who dared to dream, to fight for their rights and to stand steady and high facing the storm of brutality.
To the martyrs, who are drawing our future with their colorful, shining and immortal souls.
To all my friends who are being tortured while I am writing this, because they demand the dangerous forbidden F word…”Freedom”!!…
Your cries are our new national song; your writings on the dirty filthy walls of those inhuman cells are our future poets and our children’s history…
I can’t dedicate any thing I do but for you,…
to my people whom I so proud to be one of them… first and for last…
My amazingly brave mother, loving family and husband, thanks for supporting me and making me who I am..
Thanks for the Free Syrian Translators for the subtitles
قد يعجبك ايضا
5 تعليقات
  1. Abo Alfeda يقول

    i support your work

  2. Ussamah يقول

    Excellent video. Keep up the good work, Syria will be free soon!!

  3. Muhammad يقول

    فلم جميل و مصنوع بحرفية

  4. Deepika يقول

    Never seen a btteer post! ICOCBW

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